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The process of designing and manufacturing a swimwear line was far more complicated than I had originally thought. 

I knew I wanted to carefully curate a swimwear line but didn’t know exactly where to start. I did some research on a few of my favorite swimwear brands and tried to piece together the process of designing, curating, and producing a collection. After barely scratching the surface, I had learned that ALL of my beloved brands were manufacturing their swimwear lines outside of the United States. 


When it came to producing our swimwear, I was NOT willing to compromise the integrity of the line. Instead, I chose to LOCALLY produce my swim line here in CA. 

I wanted to design all of my bikinis in Orange County.

I wanted the materials to be ethically sourced. 

I wanted the line to be manufactured in the United States. The closer to home, the better.

During the process of developing the line, I visited dozens of fabric stores, quickly learning that in order to jumpstart the process of designing the line, I needed to find a manufacturer first. I met with six or seven manufacturers in the Southern CA area before moving forward with “the one”; prioritizing the quality of their work, the detailing, and their ability to collaborate and meet the needs of myself, a small business owner.

It was a long process of trial and error. After months of perfecting the swimwear line, I can FINALLY say that JJ’s Bikinis are my favorite pieces for days in the sun by the beach, pool, and on the lake!

I cannot wait for you to put on a JJ’s Bikini, and I certainly hope you love them just as much as I do.

Need help finding the perfect suit? Send an email our way, and I’ll pick one out just for you!